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Scientia leads project to define key indicators of timetable quality

KPIsCambridge, UK 17 August, 2012 – Scientia, a global leader in the provision of smart resource management solutions announced today that has embarked on a project in consultation with its user group in Asia Pacific and University of Liverpool to define a number of standard measures of timetable quality. Everyone wants a high quality timetable but when asked what high quality means responses will invariably vary. Whilst Scientia is in the early stages of discussions with institutions, it has already recognised three important factors:

  • Each institution is different in terms of what they consider to be ‘good’.
  • It is the ability to compare the characteristics of a timetable that is important rather than an absolute measure of its quality.
  • Difficulty of timetabling is a factor that affects all the other measures.

Scientia will be working closely with its customers in its aim to devise a set of measures that
institutions will be able to use with their own parameters to compare one timetable to another or with a standard set of parameters to compare one institution with another. Commenting on the project, Dr Julian Moss, Timetabling Manager of University of Liverpool said “We are delighted to be working in conjunction with Scientia on defining what constitutes a quality timetable – the project will be a very useful learning experience and one that should benefit any institution reviewing or rethinking how they build their timetables.”

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