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Scientia’s new Exam Scheduler makes the scheduling of exams for students with additional needs easy and more cost-effective

InvigilationCambridge, UK 16th November, 2012 – Scientia has developed a new version of its Exam Scheduler software. Exam Scheduler is a proven, easy-to-use graphical scheduling tool which makes exam scheduling and resource allocation much easier by optimising exam loads, reducing administrative tasks and associated costs. The software enables institutions to create an environment that allows students to perform at their best.

Version 3.2 allows multi-user access to a central database and provides other new features that will make life easier for exam timetablers. There is further time-saving automation of:

  • The process of handling students who need extra provision.
  • The allocation of students to seats.
  • The assignment of invigilators to sessions, including the ability to specify suitability requirements.

New reporting features in Version 3.2 make it easier for the user to find students with back to back or overloading problems and there is support for partial scheduling which automatically creates an additional exam activity for the students who are blocked from the main exam.

Speaking about the new version of Exam Scheduler, Dr Julian Moss, Timetabling and Examinations Manager at the University of Liverpool, said: “With Exam Scheduler 3.2 we can make a step-change in how we manage our exams, bringing data, scheduling power and reporting for many more of our exam processes into one system. There are features we really like such as:

  • the functions to manage exams for students with additional needs, particularly being able to add information so the system can allocate an appropriate room and invigilator and add extra time, automatically, while scheduling the main exam sitting
  • being able to set up quite subtle roles and suitabilities for invigilators, to make sure we get the right mix of people supervising each exam session.
  • the user-friendly interface, especially the ability to add columns, sort and filter easily and quickly.
  • the number of extra data fields – we are thinking of all the things we might want to record: when we’ve had to reschedule an exam, using the fields against students to hold codes for additional needs and contact information for their departmental disability support officer, holding data about exams which cannot be taken as overseas resits – and plenty more we haven’t thought of yet!
  • the field for exam paper status – we will use this to bring more of our exam management into the system and track which papers we have received and copied and which we need to chase up.
  • the permitted materials field - programmable calculators allowed, open-book exam and you can bring any of these five texts etc – potentially very useful.”

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