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Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR) Implements Scientia Product Suite for Accurate Timetabling and Space Management

September 2015 – Brazilian university Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná (PUCPR) is working with Scientia to deliver accurate and personalised timetables to students while ensuring better staff and space management.
The university was looking for a solution that would help them plan for future growth while mitigating staff contract and capacity risks through staff workload control. A key objective was to improve space utilisation and raise the standard of service to students, staff and stakeholders, providing a central hub of information to maximise resource utilisation.
Prior to working with Scientia, PUCPR had a timetabling solution in place that was unable to deliver the efficiencies they required. They awarded Scientia the contract due to the company’s global reputation as a leading provider of resource management solutions for higher education institutions. PUCPR purchased Scientia’s Enterprise Foundation, Staff Workload Planner (SWP), Connect and Publish, making it one of Scientia’s largest contracts in Brazil.

Marcel Martins, Sales Manager at Scientia said: “PUCPR wanted to improve the overall experience for staff and students and ensure they were utilising all available space across the institution. By implementing a central timetabling solution they are able to remove scheduled clashes and provide greater visibility of the entire estate from one location. As our first major contract in Brazil, we hope that our high standards of service will open doors to work with other institutions across South America.”

The phased project began in 2012 with plans to implement the first institutional-wide timetable in the second semester of 2016.

Kelly Bettio, Professor and Coordinator for PUCPR said: “"Through the deployment of Scientia we want to optimise the physical and human resources of the institution. With the training and tests that are being carried out we can see, with satisfaction, the possibilities to improve and control the entire process in a centralised manner, providing greater agility and safety in the treatment of the information shared among the technicians as well as other sectors across the institution.

“We await with enthusiasm the possibility of the same improvement in the management of non-teaching activities through the SWP module, which is an essential element for the institution.”

PUCPR is a prestigious private university that caters for 32,000 students based across five campuses in Maringá, Londrina, Toledo, São José dos Pinhais and Curitiba. Founded in 1959, the university offers more than 80 under graduate courses in 29 divisions. In addition to this, they also offer post-graduate courses, partnerships with government institutions for training, and a foreign students’ programme in two main languages; English and Spanish. They also provide certification for other institutions in Paraná state.
In an innovative approach to risk limitation during its first university implementation in Brazil, Scientia has shared the contract with Brazilian partner Totvs who will supply the Enterprise and SWP software solutions and maintenance while Scientia sells Connect, Publish and consultancy directly.

While assessments are ongoing, PUCPR expects the Scientia product suite to save time and money by centralising timetabling across the entire institution and providing visibility for resource allocation for staff and students. There are further plans to implement Scientia Publish! and Staff Workload Planner which will improve visibility of activities across the university.

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