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KU Leuven Association chooses Scientia’s timetabling software for its 12 institutions of higher education

Cambridge, UK 19th November, 2012 – KU Leuven Association has chosen Scientia’s timetabling software Enterprise Foundation for all 12 of its university colleges. Scientia’s software will support approximately 100,000 students in the group, accounting for over 44% of the entire student population in Flemish higher education. The group is an open and dynamic network, with a strong, influential position in Flanders. The KU Leuven Association primarily aims to offer a wide range of study and training programmes and to improve the quality of education and research through intensive cooperation.

Enterprise Foundation is a highly flexible solution that enables universities to produce a clash-free coherent timetable and create personal timetables for students and staff. It gives universities more visibility and control over resources available and helps improves efficiency.

Speaking about the decision to choose Scientia, Anemie Depuydt, Director ICTS said “We chose Scientia because it already has a strong track record working with some of the world’s best universities. We look forward to improving the staff and student experience as well as efficiency with Scientia’s Enterprise Foundation”.

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