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Exam Scheduler v3.5

Scientia's Exam Scheduler v3.5, out now.

This major release of Exam Scheduler includes significant functional improvements, particularly to the scheduling engine and the invigilation of exam sessions, while also addressing a number of problems identified in preceding releases.

The principal changes introduced at this release are:

  • Improved support for the scheduling of “same time” examinations.
  • Using partitioned room spaces in a specified sequence.
  • The ability to define roles for invigilators and then allocate invigilators to exam sessions by those roles.
  • Being able to take invigilator zone preferences into account when allocating invigilators to exam sessions.
  • Setting a maximum weekly working hours limit for invigilators, and having it taken into account when allocating invigilators to exam sessions.
  • The ability to choose whether to balance workload across invigilators or optimise (minimise) the number of invigilators used when allocating invigilators to exam sessions.
  • A number of usability improvement and additional reports.

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