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Timetabler - the first solution on our new Syllabus Plus Anywhere platform - launches in December. Find out more.

Cyon Welcomes New Clients in APAC

Cyon welcomed two new clients into the Scientia Ltd family recently.  The Construction Industry Council of Hong Kong is responsible for the training and assessment of anyone who wants to work in the construction industry.  We will be deploying Syllabus Plus Enterprise and Exam Scheduler there, enabling them to manage their class timetables as well as exams.

In China, Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic has become a new client following a rigorous tender process against tough competition.  Established in the 1990s, it's a young institution which has grown rapidly to encompas 32 school training bases and 275 off-campus training bases, catering for some 11,500 students over 14 provinces.  It will be implementing a range of our solutions to manage its academic timetabling and resource scheduling needs.

We are also celebrating our first Resource Booker (RB) client in Hong Kong: Chinese University Hong Kong (CUHK).  The institution has been a long-term user of our Web Room Booking (WRB) solution.  With a recognition that RB is a much more fully-featured solution which enables the booking of resources, not just rooms - and with the benefits of being Cloud-based - CUHK decided it was the right time to upgrade to our newest and best resource management solution.

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