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Regent's University: Why We Chose Scientia

Regent's University in London is a young university with an international focus: 75% of its students come from outside the UK.  Formerly Regent's College, an amalgamation of several different schools, timetabling at the institution had been problematic for years due to variation in lecture length and decentralised space manaagement.  With room efficiency as low as 18% and student and tutor satisfaction suffering, becoming a university was the perfect opportunity for Regent's to address its timetabling and scheduling problems.

Following a rigorous tender process, Scientia was chosen to provide Regent's timetabling and resource-management solutions.  After a successful installation and test period, Regent's University timetabling staff are starting to use Scientia's Enterprise Foundation software suite, built on our market-leading Syllabus Plus scheduling engine.  Listen to Regent's Project Manager, Carol Hynson, explain how they got to this point, and why they chose Scientia to deliver their university timetabling solution.