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Your ideas for our solutions

Product development at Scientia has always been collaborative and based on actual need, not perceived need. Input from our customers has never been more important as we transition from on-premise installations to a service delivery model.

Click here for a full list of the ways you can contribute to the development of Scientia's software solutions.

Idea Manager

Example of candidates in Idea Manager

Idea Manager is an application which enables our customers to directly influence our software development priorities. Our Product Managers gather ideas from suggestions made through the Self-service Portal as well as other interactions between customers and colleagues such as Account Managers. The Product Manager serves as a filter to prevent the duplication of ideas that could easily happen if all these sources were able to enter ideas directly.

Once in Idea Manager, voting works much like a political election or poll. The Product Manager will hold a webinar that introduces the candidate ideas and seek user input to help determine which should be implemented with highest priority. There is then a polling period - usually around two weeks - when users can see and discuss the ideas and decide how to cast their votes. The deadline for voting will be announced at the webinar.

Each institution has 15 votes or “chips”. During the voting period, users can cast up to 5 votes for any idea. At the deadline, the Product Manager will take a snapshot of how the votes stand and use that result to help shape the next round of development work. Once the deadline is passed, users can re-cast their votes any way they like, add comments to existing ideas or just wait until the next “poll” is announced. 

A user with products in more than one product range (e.g. they have Syllabus+ Enterprise and Exam Scheduler) will have access to two instances of Idea Manager with 15 votes for each. Votes are never “spent” - the user always retains 15 votes to distribute however they wish in response to the question being asked by the Product Manager. It’s easy for the user to recall all their votes in order to redistribute them.

Still unclear? Watch our walkthrough video on using Idea Manager.

If you are unsure who at your institution has access to Idea Manager, please contact your Account Manager.